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Dive into the technologies powering our solutions. Stay ahead with our innovative and robust tech stack.


Contentful - Revolutionize Content Management

Revolutionize content management with Contentful. At Lexacle Technologies we ensure flexibility and agility for seamless digital experiences.

Contentful - Headless CMS


Angular - Craft Dynamic Web Solutions

Empower your online presence with Lexacle Technologies. We craft dynamic web solutions using Angular, backed by Google. Elevate your website to new heights.

Angular - TypeScript Framework


Supabase - Open-Source Database Brilliance

Harness open-source brilliance with Supabase for real-time databases. With Lexacle Technologies we ensure flexibility and authenticity in your projects.

Supabase - Open Source Database


NextJS - Elevate Your Online Web Experience

We optimize user experiences with NextJS, a React-based framework. Elevate your website performance and unmatched SEO benefits with Lexacle Technologies.

NextJS - JavaScript Framework


VueJS - Building Beautiful Interfaces

We transform web design with VueJS, a progressive framework. Your business deserves beautiful interfaces. Let's engage your audience with Lexacle Technologies.

VueJS - JavaScript Framework


Laravel - Unleash PHP Web Excellence

Unleash website excellence with Laravel. Elegant and developer-friendly features for your projects. Let's achieve online success with Lexacle Technologies.

Laravel - PHP Framework


CodeIgniter - Lightweight PHP Brilliance

Navigate web development with agility using CodeIgniter PHP Framework. At Lexacle Technologies we ensure speed and simplicity for your projects.

CodeIgniter - PHP Framework


WordPress - Empowering Content Creation

Empower content creation with WordPress. We offer user-friendly platforms for websites and blogs. Let's drive online success together with Lexacle Technologies.

WordPress - Content Management System


Firebase - Real-time Development Mastery

Master real-time development with Firebase. We provide a suite of tools for your projects. Let's achieve mastery in every aspect with Lexacle Technologies.

Firebase - Real-Time Database


MongoDB - NoSQL, Endless Possibilities

Explore endless possibilities in data management with MongoDB. We bring NoSQL flexibility to your projects. Let's scale your business with Lexacle Technologies.

MongoDB - NoSQL Database


Shopify - Crafting E-commerce Excellence

Craft e-commerce excellence with Shopify. We design user-friendly online stores with robust features. Let's elevate your business with Lexacle Technologies.

Shopify - Website Builder


Wix - Building Stunning Websites

Build stunning websites with Wix. Offering cloud-based solutions for intuitive design features. Let's shape your online presence with Lexacle Technologies.

Wix - Website Builder


Weebly - Effortless Website Creation

Create your online presence effortlessly with Weebly. Drag-and-drop interfaces with powerful tools. Let's craft beautiful websites with Lexacle Technologies.

Weebly - Website Builder


Magento - Powering E-commerce Success

Power your online store with Magento's flexibility. At Lexacle Technologies we offer scalable and feature-rich e-commerce solutions for your business.

Magento - Content Management System


NuxtJS - Dynamic Vue.js Applications

Elevate web development with NuxtJS. We bring dynamic capabilities for engaging user experiences. Let's transform your online presence with Lexacle Technologies

NuxtJS - JavaScript Framework


GitHub - Collaborative Code Mastery

Collaborative code mastery with GitHub. Lexacle Technologies ensures enhanced security, seamless collaboration and version control for your all projects.

Github - Version Control System


Joomla - Streamlined Content Management

Streamline your website content with Joomla. Optimize your online presence with Lexacle Technologies for a user-friendly and efficient website management.

Joomla - Content Management System


Ionic - Cross-Platform Mobile Brilliance

Craft cross-platform mobile brilliance with Ionic. At Lexacle Technologies, we leverage web technologies for efficient and superior hybrid app development.

Ionic - Hybrid Mobile App Framework


Socket.IO - Real-Time Web Communication

Enable real-time web communication with Socket.IO. At Lexacle Technologies we facilitate bidirectional communication for interactive experiences.

Socket.IO - Real-Time Web Framework


NodeJS - Unleashing Server-Side Power

Unleash server-side power with NodeJS. We bring scalability and efficiency to web development. Let's build powerful and dynamic apps with Lexacle Technologies.

NodeJS - JavaScript runtime environment