Elevate Your Financial Landscape with Borice Limited: Seamless Solutions, Professional Excellence

Experience seamless bookkeeping, accounting, taxation, and financial advisory services with Borice Limited, a professional firm in Kenya dedicated to transforming your financial landscape. As proud ZOHO BOOKS Partners, we offer cloud-based accounting solutions tailored to your business needs. Our certified CPA(K) partners and well-trained team ensure value delivery, covering business processes and cash flow management. Explore our website, meticulously designed and developed by Lexacle Technologies using WordPress CMS, featuring a fast, intuitive UI, and an unmatched SEO experience.

Borice Limited: Your Partner in Financial Excellence

Comprehensive Financial Services

At Borice Limited, we stand as your trusted partner, offering a comprehensive suite of financial services. From bookkeeping and accounting to taxation and financial advisory, we are committed to ensuring the seamless financial operation of your business.

Key Offerings: Cloud-Based Solutions and Professional Expertise


As proud ZOHO BOOKS Partners, we bring the power of cloud-based accounting solutions to your fingertips. Tailored to your business needs, these solutions provide flexibility, accessibility, and real-time insights for effective financial management.

Certified CPA(K) Partners and Well-Trained Team

Our team, led by certified CPA(K) partners, is well-trained and dedicated to delivering value. From intricate financial processes to comprehensive cash flow management, we bring professional expertise to every aspect of our services.

Borice Limited's Website: A Digital Beacon of Excellence

Designed and Developed by Lexacle Technologies

Our commitment to excellence extends to our online presence. The Borice Limited website, meticulously designed and developed by Lexacle Technologies using WordPress CMS, ensures a fast, intuitive UI, and an SEO experience that propels us to the forefront of digital accessibility.

Fast, Intuitive UI, and Unmatched SEO Experience

Explore our website seamlessly and enjoy an intuitive user interface that reflects our commitment to professionalism. The unmatched SEO experience ensures that our online presence aligns with the high standards we uphold in our financial services.

Why Choose Borice Limited? Value, Expertise, and Commitment

Value Delivery in Every Service

Choosing Borice Limited means choosing value delivery. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond traditional financial services, covering intricate business processes and comprehensive cash flow management.

Build Your Professional Website: Aligning with Excellence

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